Rotten artwork was caught walking the streets, bad decisions were seen hanging around pubs, and lurking were far too many unfinished canvases. So the movement known as i/U ink was conceived.

Since the light bulb hit, it has been our mission to share and spread creativity within the cultural communities of the UK. Now we are growing faster than ever.

In a world where sexual freedom and body-art-culture are top of the pops, we only feel it's right to celebrate this communal mind-set by bringing us together. i and U.

Knocking the pretentious on the head, ruling out the unsafe, cutting off the miscommunicated, and introducing the new tattoo client. i/U ink gives artists the freedom to tattoo their chosen styles only, the choice to control appointments, immediately fill that cancellation, and more importantly, be your own advertisement.

i/U ink gives all clients the confidence to try new tattoo artists. A messaging system that encourages the latest client to share vital details needed about the artwork wanted, down to the very last line and dot. That means no more messy back and forth emailing, just book and pay the deposit under one roof.

Booking tattoo art the simple, painless and personal way.

A tattoo is part of your ID. It's symbolic and personifies us all. Each new piece puts a line under that chapter in life. Giving someone that fulfilment is just as significant as receiving it. i/U ink is a place to express yourself and be expressed.