how to aftercare

New tattoo itching, falling down the sink, or changing in colour? 

Don’t freak.

You have a new piece of art on your body for life, aftercare your tattoo the right way. The artist did all the hard work, now it’s up to you to finish it off. 

Every tattoo artist will tell you their preferred method to looking after their work. i/U ink is giving you the inclusive way. 

1/tick keep your tattoo wrapped for 3-6 hours

tick Duration depends on size, amount of shading, and amount of blood

tick Prevents bacteria entering the wound, and the irritation of rubbing clothes

2/tick Peel the cling film bandage off, and splash wash the tattoo with warm soapy water

tick Excess ink will pour off

tick Fragrance-free soap, thank you

tick Pat dry, please

3/tick Choose effective and non-violent pharmaceutical products that will keep the skin moist

tick Allows the skin to breathe

tick Fights infection

tick Prevents scarring

tick Ointment being oil free, fragrance free and alcohol free.

4/tick Wrap the tattoo back up - it’s not ready yet

tick Change 2-3 times a day

tick Dependant on your day-to-day lifestyle involving sweat and dirt

5/tick Keep fully wrapped for 2-3 days

tick Relieve any itch with the ointment

6/tick After wrapping stage, apply cream for 3 weeks

tick Use even once you think it looks healed. 


tick Keep the tattoo creamed throughout the day until week 3

tick Contact the artist, or your doctor, if irritation or infection starts

do not

cross Soak in a bath, pool, or shower for 3 weeks

cross Be in direct sun for 3 weeks

cross Pick, peel, scratch