What is an i/U ink?

An i/U ink is identifiable of an entity that lives within a future proof collection.

It embodies an entities value, power and presence.

What is an i/U inks purpose?

i/U inks are to be loved by, moved by and saved by its truest supporter; the collector.

Why is an i/U ink so unique?

Every i/U ink is individually created with a specific entity in mind from an i/U perspective.

The pre-existing power of an entities perception and branding is exposed through use of shape, colour and positioning. This allows for an unmatched connection that sits deep between the i/U ink and the collector.

If you can feel it, touch it, see it. It’s an i/U ink.

How many i/U inks are there?


i/U inks will always be released in packs of 15. Monthly.

For an existing collection or for a new collection.

Collections will be designed and created for any entities that awaken overpowering feelings to love, move and save.

When are they released?

Follow i/U ink on Instagram @iuink and Twitter @iuink to be first in line for updates.

Where can I claim my i/U ink?

View our entire i/U ink collection on OpenSea

Who is i/U ink?

i/U ink is one artist/creative/designer/entity.

Connecting i and U forever.